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LifeForce Coaching

In our world of constant demands, we are disconnected from ourselves, we suffer from chronic fatigue and burn-out.

With LifeForce you will learn to :

1. Tame your stress

2. Master the 5
pillars of life

3. Make your life dreams come true

The 5 pillars of life

Throughout human history and across all cultures, Health and Vitality have always been supported by the same 5 pillars of life:






David Tan

As a healthcare professional, Osteopath DO – Physiotherapist DE and Life Coach, he has treated and supported more than 40,000 patients of 80 different nationalities.

They love Life Force!


You will learn to…

  • Take care of your 5 pillars on a daily basis with simple but not simplistic exercises
  • Listen better to your body to recover faster and independently
  • Relieve your stress and stop wasting your energy
  • Fill up on vitality while stopping your limiting beliefs

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