Rebirth course

The keys to Vitality

Two days of practice to boost your
health and vitality

They participated in the courses

Coraline Eyrolles

Osteopath – 42 years old – Lavandou

“I was always on the verge of burnout […] now I no longer have to suffer”

I came to do David Tan's training on vitality because I was always on the verge of burnout. And what I came to look for are tools to recover this vitality, to know how to anchor myself, to stop suffering, to know how to refocus.

And I found all these tools there and it's great because now I don't have to suffer anymore. When I need it, I can go and get the necessary resources and I'm happy for that.

Thanks David

Pascal Bernard

Captain – Airline Pilot – 58 years old – Paris

“It allowed me to reconnect with others, to reconnect with nature, with the Earth”

I would say that David is someone who during this weekend allowed me to harmonize my mind by reassuring me.

In fact David brings a lot of meaning to everything he teaches, thanks to his professional experience through his travels. He is capable of providing many references and scientific explanations to everything he teaches.

It allowed me to reconnect with others, to reconnect with nature, with the Earth. I have an overall feeling of harmonization and a desire to continue the journey started with him on a daily basis.

Thanks to you David

Esther Ritter

Sales secretary – 54 years old – Strasbourg

“When we leave here, we are no longer the same person!”

I sincerely admit, I didn't know David. My daughter signed me up, it’s her gift, I came…

I had some extraordinary days. David simply taught us to get to the basics like breathing, nutrition, movements, etc.

And when we leave here, we're no longer the same person!

Thanks David

Robin Deuxtrois

Teacher in permaculture – 33 years old – Valence

“At the end of the second day I already saw an improvement”

I just did a great internship with David on Health and Vitality. It brought me lots of things. I came with expectations of being able to get more fishing when I get up in the morning. After the second day I already saw an improvement.

We had a great time, a great group, lots of other people who had lots of revelations too! It gives hope.

I hope that the movement will continue, that the word will spread because there is a lot of potential to regenerate and bring more comfort and peach into our lives.

Thank you David, thank you to the whole team for what you do!

Why LifeForce internships?

LifeForce was created 3 years ago.
At that time, I started from a simple and alarming observation :

1 in 3 French people say they have experienced burnout during their career (source: CFDT and Huffington Post survey )

Anxiety increased so much that typical schoolchildren in the 1980s reported more anxiety than psychiatric patients in the 1950s (source Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) .

The social cost of stress is equivalent to 4% of health insurance expenses (source INRS and the Arts et Métiers ParisTech school

In short, in our world of disconnection and constant demands, we suffer more and more from chronic stress and burnout. I do not teach you anything..

But the foundation of life is Health and Vitality.

Without health and vitality , we are just tired or sick. Without health and vitality, it is much more complicated to access a peaceful and serene version of ourselves to benefit from other experiences that life can offer: parenthood, love life, social life, career, intellectual or emotional life, sports and hobbies, spiritual life…

I asked myself the question:

What are the factors that create chronic stress and burnout?

For 20 years, I followed and interacted with tens of thousands of patients.

I identified 5 factors:

Poor quality sleep

Bad Nutrition

Physical inactivity

Shallow breathing

The negative mindset

What if you changed that?

Instead of suffering from insomnia,

What if we found the energy of the morning?

“Why do we delay our bedtime when the first signs of fatigue appear when full sleep is vital for our physical and mental health?”

Society has become disconnected from nature and its rhythms. Many of us have poor quality sleep. We wake up tired most of the time. Through ignorance, we do not respect our sleep cycles.

Instead of eating unconsciously,

What if we nourished all our senses healthily?

“Why eat processed foods when we can fully nourish our body and mind?”

The industrial food that we consume every day without awareness of its nature directly influences our health and our vitality.

Eating healthily, being aware of nourishing your cells, and implementing intermittent fasting will boost your daily energy.

Instead of living in pain,

What if we developed our physical abilities?

“Why complain about your pain when just 5 minutes of well-done movement practice per day can restore confidence and eliminate all pain?”

A sedentary lifestyle is a scourge of our century. Our bodies are not made to sit in a chair for 40 hours a week.

Finding movement again will rejuvenate your body, reduce your pain and stress, help you regain your flexibility and give clarity to your mind.

Instead of living in stress,

What if we lived fully with confidence?

Why endure all the stressful stimuli that surround us when we can create a protective bubble and regain all our confidence?”

It's time for you to learn to breathe fully and correctly. Well-controlled deep breathing reduces stress, helps manage emotions and improves decision-making.

Instead of dwelling on dark thoughts,

What if we made our lives more positive?

“Why live under duress when we can change our beliefs and reinvent our lives?”

We don't realize how negative our negative thoughts can have a detrimental effect on our lives.

Becoming aware of our thought patterns opens up the field of life opportunities, relieves stress, and offers better concentration.

Discovery of the 5 pillars

Throughout human history and across all cultures, health and vitality have always been supported by the same 5 pillars of life:

LifeForce guides you step by step through the principles that govern these 5 pillars of life, in order to take care of them every day. You will be able to manage and relieve your stress naturally and regain health and vitality.

To make it easier for you to adopt this method, integrate life changes and your new virtuous habits, we have combined ancestral knowledge for you with contemporary techniques, as well as neuroscience and integrative pedagogy.

This methodology is based on universal principles and has already helped a large number of people of all ages and from all cultural and social backgrounds.

Pillar 1: Pace your life

Stop for a moment from being in the doing to simply be

In nature, everything has a cycle and a rhythm. It is the same for us. Our internal clock is tuned to the circadian (day/night) and ultradian (mini cycles) rhythm and it is vital to pay attention to this in order to remain synchronous.

→ How to resynchronize your internal clock to boost your energy?
→ How to get restful and deep sleep?
→ Discover the importance of sufficient sun exposure every day
→ Master the two dimensions of sleep

Pillar 2: Nourish your body and mind

The type of food you eat can change up to 60% of your gene expression

It has been said thousands of times “you are what you eat!”. However, at Life Force, we're not just talking about the food we eat but also how we nourish each of our senses.

Nutrition concerns everything we take in, from the images we see, what we hear and listen to, what we breathe and smell, what we touch and perceive, what we think…

→ How to start intermittent fasting?
→ How to program your diet to improve your energy?
→ How to use the two dimensions of nutrition: the quality of your food and your intestinal capacity to assimilate, to have better energy ?

Pillar 3: Move your body naturally

Move with your mind and think with your whole body

Movement is life. Your movements and postures significantly affect how you interact with the world as well as how you feel in your body.

→ How to develop a movement mindset?
→ How to release your old body blockages?
→ Reharmonize your body and improve your posture on your own

Pillar 4: Really Breathe

If our body is full of our consciousness and our presence, there is no more room for external intrusions

At the beginning of life there is the first inhalation and at the end there is the last expiration. In between is life. Learning to use this fundamental tool is extraordinary.

→ Improve your way of breathing to improve your life
→ How to cleanse yourself every day energetically, emotionally and physically?
→ Enjoy the calm and physiological benefits of the different breathing steps

Pillar 5: Living in full presence

Your attention will always be closely linked to your ability to keep your mind calm and steady so that you can direct it in the direction you choose.

Having the ability to control your own attention and being aware of the present moment will enhance any experience you have. Being fully alive is exactly that.

The problem is that, most often, you focus on one or the other of the pillars, especially when you have health concerns. As long as you do this, you neglect the other pillars.

→ How to apply mindfulness in your life?
→ Transform the quality of the questions you ask yourself to improve the quality of your life
→ What is meditation and learn to meditate easily?
→ How to integrate the power of practicing gratitude to be happier?

What does the LifeForce reNaissance course contain?

1. The “nectar” of the 5 pillars

The LifeForce approach is transdisciplinary, meaning it synthesizes the best regeneration tools. These are simple but not simplistic, natural and pragmatic tools to allow you to restore great Health and Vitality.

We will teach you the fundamental principles that govern a healthy and happy life (because indeed it can be learned ), so that you integrate them into your daily life in a simple and natural way.

2. Personalized coaching

It is a real mental and physical preparation to release what prevents you from moving forward or achieving happiness, and make way for a new life. Thanks to a neuroscientific approach and an integrative pedagogy, the contribution is theoretical and practical, the results are profound and lasting.

Three passionate LifeForce Coaches are present throughout the LifeForce (re)Birth course. At your disposal, they are the discreet link of coordination and organization to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

They will answer your specific questions and needs to help you adapt each principle and tool into your daily life.

3. A rejuvenating natural setting

LifeForce (re)Birth courses are always organized in welcoming and relaxing places. In the heart of nature, you will regain awareness of the elements around you and reconnect with your deep nature.

You will be amazed by our courses organized in the high mountains in the Alps, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, and in the refreshing countryside of central France.

4. The caring support of the group

In a caring and safe environment, always with a magnificent supportive group energy, (we take great care) you will find with us the solutions adapted to optimize your quality of life.

The motivation is common, that of living in good health and recharging your batteries to stock up on vitality!

5. Adapted dishes that will delight your taste buds

It is important to nourish your cells with cuisine adapted to each person's needs. Varied and lively, you will delight your taste buds with fresh, refined and tasty dishes that will respect your physiological needs.

What do the trainees say?

LifeForce reNaissance is for you if…

Blocking 1

You lack energy and suffer from chronic fatigue and insomnia

Blocking 2

You don't love your body, you don't use it to its full capacity

Blocking 3

You experience joint pain and back pain

Blocking 4

You feel anxiety, chronic stress, close to burnout

Blocking 5

You lose your self-esteem and view life negatively

Blocking 1:

You lack energy and suffer from chronic fatigue and insomnia

“I’m too old for that, it’s beyond my age…!”
“I'm tired of waking up tired and having a horrible day at work”
“I'm irritable with those around me, I'm losing patience”

With the 5 pillars method you will:

⇒ Learn the art of napping which soothes our physiology and our brain and makes us more attentive and productive
⇒ Become aware of sleep cycles to respect our body and regenerate . You will be a better version of yourself
⇒ Learn to sleep deeply to recharge your batteries and thus regain energy for your life and those you love
⇒ Find quality sleep to resynchronize your clock and have restorative and restful sleep
⇒ Discover sungazing, a natural producer of vitamin D, a natural antidepressant that brings joy .

Blocking 2:

You don't love your body, you don't use it to its full capacity

“I'm dieting but I can't lose weight”
“I feel heavy, I've lost my flexibility”
“I don't like looking in the mirror”

With the 5 pillars method you will:

⇒ Practice hormesis by confronting the cold to become aware of your limiting beliefs and regain self-confidence ,
Eat healthily with delicious food rich in micro-nutrients to increase your energy and improve your health ,
⇒ Practice hormesis through intermittent fasting, which detoxifies and rests your digestive system, for better assimilation of food and develop your regenerative capacities ,
Eat mindfully to gain vitality
⇒ Practice gratitude to increase assimilative potential and welcome more energy

Blocking 3:

You experience joint pain and back pain

“I'm tired of having back pain” “When I wake up, I feel rusty” “I've always had pain somewhere and it's ruining my life” “I've had to stop my favorite activity because of these pains, it is a double punishment”

With the 5 pillars method you will:

Release your joint blockages and muscle knots, reduce their tensions and rejuvenate your body,
⇒ Learn archetypal postures to rebalance your myoskeletal system, improve your mobility and eliminate pain ,
Learn self-massage and inverted postures to improve circulation, relax the body and mind and reduce stress ,
Learn ergonomics and straightening to improve the fluidity of your body and restore physical autonomy , ⇒
Learn “HIIT” or “Tabata” to build muscle and strengthen the entire body in a short time,
⇒ Pandiculate to prepare your nervous system and muscles, relax and gain energy

Blocking 4:

You feel anxiety, chronic stress, close to burnout

“I can't press the pause button” “I feel super tired, I can't sleep” “I ruminate constantly, I see the negative and I can no longer find solutions”

With the 5 pillars method you will:

⇒ Learn the practice of gratitude which will transform your neural circuits, allows you to live in the present moment and open up fields of opportunity ,
⇒ Learn to strengthen your emotional immune system to no longer let yourself be invaded by negativities and finally let room for joy . You will be fully available for your life,
⇒ Learn the power of intention to focus your attention on the positive and what you desire from the start of the day, open yourself to happiness ,
⇒ Meditate to strengthen your attention and increase your “presence ”, all to relieve stress and gain concentration

Blocking 5:

You lose your self-esteem and view life negatively

“It's always up to me to make the effort, others don't think of me”
“I can't understand my children, our relationship is conflicted”
“I always come across the same types of people who make me feel bad bad”
“We lost the harmony at the start of our relationship, I no longer feel connected”
“I’m fed up with this job, I feel empty”

With the 5 pillars method you will:

⇒ Learn to redirect negativities to find harmonious relationships with yourself and others
⇒ Find your stability and strength to deal with toxic relationships
⇒ Manage your toxic relationships to remove support for constraint and find solutions .
⇒ Increase your oxytocin production, nourish yourself with healthy and loving relationships

We know it's (very) hard

Take time for yourself, refocus, take care of yourself, ask yourself the right questions, make life choices, find the strength to move forward, look for solutions,... It would be lying to yourself to promise yourself that the path is super easy.

A good way to move forward in life is to be accompanied by people who have already taken this path.

And this is precisely why LifeForce personal support is so important.

My personal experience has taught me valuable lessons:

– Manage my stress instantly and naturally,
– Find deep and regenerating sleep,
– Eat a healthy and balanced diet,
– Rediscover my connection to Nature,
– Recognize and manage toxic people and behaviors;
– Get rid of my physical tensions and pain myself,
– Live with a positive mindset and gratitude

LifeForce reNaissance internship program

Day 1 :

How to manage your stress in a practical and effective way?

1. Implementation of natural breathing and taming stress

Biohacking and neural reprogramming on benevolence

What is stress ?

Practical exercises: identify your stress alarm and learn to manage it with breathing.

2. Release bodily tension and rejuvenate through natural movements

Learn to release your pain and blockages through simple practices that are easy to implement on a daily basis.

Practical exercises: natural walking, archetypal postures, relieving tension.

3. How to nourish your cells beyond nourishing your body?

Improve your assimilative capacity: when, what, how to eat?

Practical exercises: Practice of mindfulness and gratitude.

4. Understand sleep rhythms and how to regenerate

Practical exercises

Find balance in your lifestyle, improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

5. Alchemize your negativities and reconnect with the earth

Learn to free yourself from anger, sadness, fear, frustration; regain the energy necessary for a harmonious life

Practical exercises: Afghan walking, breathing walks, silvotherapy, earthing.

6. Make your mind an ally

Learn the art of meditation and tame your will

Practical exercises: mindfulness meditation – Anapana

Day 2:
Redirect negativities and toxicities

1. How to find your center and be balanced in your life

Principles of managing conflict and toxic relationships

Practical exercises: Alignment, centering, physical and emotional grounding.

2. Remove support from the constraints of your life and bring out solutions

How to bring out the solution while keeping in touch with the problem?

Practical exercises: Return to stability after great stress

3. How to develop your regenerative capacity

Principles and benefits of intermittent fasting. Learn how to implement it in your daily life.

4. Introduction to cold hormesis

Practice and benefits of thermophysioregulation: cold bath

Introduction to hormesis: How to rejuvenate your biological age and regain your adaptive capacity

5. Find meaning in your life and implement new changes

Change management

The LifeForce team

David Tan

Life Coach, Osteopath DO and founder of LifeForce

Marie-Camille Masse

LifeForce Coach

Axel Rihs

LifeForce Coach

They trust us

Max Piccinini - MAX SUCCESS

Workshop of its flagship seminar LifeMax

“David is a true master in the art of Vitality and an excellent teacher. He is simply a good and rare being.”

Conference and Workshops at the 2019 Rencontres De La Régénération

“David has extensive experience in coaching, training, transmission, and supporting people in the areas of stress management and strengthening.”


Stress management and vitality coaching

“The regeneration work I did with David was incredibly interesting, inspiring and even eye-opening. I am impressed by all the techniques and tools he taught me in just a few days”


Broadcast “An Essential Vitality”

“David is a talented man with a very rich message. It completely fits the spirit of the times and the expectations of more and more people eager to maintain “very” good overall health”

And as a bonus!

It is important to surround yourself with a group of people who understand what you are going through and who share the same experience. We listen to each other, we encourage each other and we pull each other up.

We share our successes and our failures. We share tools and discoveries that could benefit everyone.

By participating in the LifeForce (re)Birth course , you will have as a bonus:

Access to the Support WhatsApp Group

Access to the Private LifeForce Community Facebook Group

Privileged access to LifeForce coaches

Give yourself the keys to your Vitality

  • Take a break to reflect on yourself, your life and to better understand who you are and what you want to achieve in your life
  • Disconnect from this world where you are too busy to find serenity
  • Practice and integrate simple tools to manage your stress
  • Recharge yourself in a caring atmosphere that reconnects you to yourself, others and Nature

frequently asked Questions

Isn't the LifeForce reNaissance course too physically intense? Do I have the physical level?

→ The exercises are accessible to everyone and adapted to everyone.

How do I explain to those around me that I am coming to the LifeForce reNaissance course, do I allow myself to come?

→ Give yourself an essential gift: learn to live happily (with yourself and others)!

What should I do if I can't find the dates that suit me?

→ Contact the LifeForce team to register on the waiting list for the next LifeForce (re)Birth courses and take advantage of cheaper earlybird registrations.

I have never done a LifeForce internship, how does it work?

→ Rest assured, you will not be lost. We supervise our interns very well. It is best to contact the LifeForce team directly to ask any questions you may have.

Is it possible to spread out the payment for the training?

→ Payment is possible in 3xes without fees

Can I come if my health is poor or I am very tired?

→ The LifeForce reNaissance course is made for you! Come recharge your batteries and learn the tools to do it daily once you return home.

I'm afraid to come alone...

→ Come share a rich and unforgettable experience with a caring group!

Is it financially reasonable, useful?

→ Your health is priceless, and so is your happiness!

Is the LifeForce reNaissance course full of theoretical banalities like 90% of personal development courses found online?

→ Not at all. The LifeForce reNaissance course is practical oriented. Because it is through practice and experimentation that you will integrate the teachings and principles of the 5 pillars.

You're talking about a Facebook and WhatsApp group, but what is it?

→ The group is reserved for trainees only. If the group were open to those outside of LifeForce, it would lose quality. In this group you can share your experiences with other trainees, ask for their help and their opinions.

What if I'm not ready to commit to a LifeForce reNaissance internship now?

→ Because each trainee advances at their own pace, step by step, we advise you to watch our advice on our YouTube channels , consult our video training, or read the Manual for Regenerating Health and Vitality.

Register for the LifeForce reNaissance course

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