Manage and release your stress instantly
and naturally

In our society of constant demands , we suffer more and more from mental overload, chronic fatigue and exhaustion . And this is all the more exacerbated in the particular period we are going through.

However, when everything collapses, one of the solutions to get through it is to team up with your body and your mind.

How ? This is precisely what you will discover in the book (Re)Living.

You will learn how to tame your stress and optimize your vitality with a simple and natural method: that of the five pillars that structure our lives: nutrition, sleep, movement, breathing and state of mind.
Neglecting one of them, or several of them, means leaving the possibility of health problems appearing, of chronic stress sometimes overwhelming us to the point of exhaustion.

Learning to take care of these five pillars is, on the contrary, offering yourself the precious opportunity to better understand the functioning of your body and thus to regenerate it to build new foundations of healthy and solid health.

The result of more than twenty years of experience and research passed through the filter of neuroscience , this work is full of advice, techniques and practical exercises (in the form of “step by step” sheets) to implement new daily habits. generators of well-being and vitality.

Live better and longer

Instead of suffering from insomnia, what if we found the energy of the morning?

“Why do we delay our bedtime when the first signs of fatigue appear when full sleep is vital for our physical and mental health?”

Society has become disconnected from nature and its rhythms. Many of us have poor quality sleep. We wake up tired most of the time. Through ignorance, we do not respect our sleep cycles.

Instead of eating unconsciously, what if we ate healthily?

“Why eat processed foods when we can fully nourish our body and mind?”
The industrial food that we consume every day without awareness of its nature directly influences our health and our vitality.
Eating healthily, being aware of nourishing your cells, and implementing intermittent fasting will boost your daily energy.

Instead of living in pain,
what if we developed our physical abilities?

“Why complain about your pain when just 5 minutes of well-done movement practice per day can restore confidence and eliminate all pain?”

A sedentary lifestyle is a scourge of our century. Our bodies are not made to sit in a chair for 40 hours a week.

Finding movement again will rejuvenate your body, reduce your pain and stress, help you regain your flexibility and give clarity to your mind.

Instead of living in stress, what if we lived fully in confidence?

Why endure all the stressful stimuli that surround us when we can create a protective bubble and regain all our confidence?”

It's time for you to learn to breathe fully and correctly. Well-controlled deep breathing reduces stress, helps manage emotions and improves decision-making.

Instead of dwelling on dark thoughts, what if we made our lives more positive?

“Why live under duress when we can change our beliefs and reinvent our lives?”
We don't realize how negative our negative thoughts can have a detrimental effect on our lives.
Becoming aware of our thought patterns opens up the field of life opportunities, relieves stress, and offers better concentration.

Learn more about the LifeForce method with this comprehensive guide which compiles the best regeneration tools.

You will find ancestral knowledge and contemporary techniques, as well as an understanding of your physiology and neuroscience.

It is a theoretical work as well as practical support thanks to numerous simple but not simplistic exercises.

In this book, you will find all the keys to learning how to tame your stress as well as master the keys to health and vitality which are the very foundations of life.

Each of the essential pillars is addressed: the rhythms of life, nutrition (of the 5 senses), breathing, movement and the state of mind of mindfulness.

Thanks to this guide you will finally be able to implement virtuous habits to become the best version of yourself and realize all your life dreams!

In addition, you will regain awareness of your essential connection with nature and you will relearn how to satisfy the deep needs that your body dictates to you.

The 5 pillars method

1. The Rhythms of life

In nature, everything has a cycle and a rhythm. It is the same for us.
Our internal clock is tuned to the circadian and ultradian rhythm and it is vital to pay attention to it in order to remain synchronous.

2. Nutrition

You are what you eat! Nutrition is about everything we take in, from food to our thoughts, and how our environment nourishes each of our 5 senses.

3. The Movement

Movement is life.
Your movements and postures significantly affect how you interact with the world as well as how you feel in your body.

4. Breathing

At the beginning of life there is the first inhalation and at the end there is the last expiration.
In between is life. Learning to use this fundamental tool is extraordinary.

5. Mindfulness – State of Mind

Having the ability to control your own attention and being aware of the present moment will enhance any experience you have. Being fully alive is exactly that.

In the book (Re)Living

A practical and complete guide

Gradually you will develop great ease in taming your stress and taking care of the five pillars which are the basis of health and vitality thanks to :

  • 3 parts to learn how to: tame your stress, master the keys to vitality, build and realize your life dreams.
  • “Step by step” : 60 practical and educational sheets for your daily practice.
  • Advice : to facilitate your application of the method.
  • Scientific insights based on neuroscience in the form of boxes “to go further”.
  • Color illustrated diagrams : to clarify the principles and exercises and facilitate understanding.
  • 356 pages printed on 100% PEFC paper in the greenest printing house in France.

Who is he talking to ?

This simple but not simplistic work is aimed at everyone, both at a young audience, in search of meaning, who wishes to understand the subtle workings of their body and maintain their full physical and psychological potential, as well as at people who are overworked or in a state of of exhaustion who no longer know how to cope.

Thanks to (Re)Living, obtain a profound transformation of yourself now, on a physical but also emotional level.

This book has already helped thousands of exhausted, stressed and mentally overloaded people achieve physical and emotional balance in just a few weeks. Why not you ?



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🍃Printed on 100% PEFC paper in the most ecological printing house in France, pure printing

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