Make your “Health – Love – Vitality” take off

Take care of the “after-sales service” of your life and start your COACHING for free with the LifeForce method

“Stress less and Live better”

“Be in Health, Love and Vitality by choice and not by luck

A global and natural method

Discover the LifeForce method to
CONTROL your stress ,
MASTER the keys to vitality,
BUILD your dreams and life projects!

Our online courses and training

Formats adapted to your needs to take off and boost your Health, your Love (for yourself and for others) and your Vitality

Face-to-face courses

2 or 6 days of practical and fun teaching with personalized coaching to integrate the keys to physical and emotional health and develop your daily vitality.

Video training

Several practical and comprehensive video training courses to improve the quality of your life by taking care of each of the 5 fundamental pillars at your own pace and in complete autonomy.


Simply find the best regeneration tools in this world from ancestral knowledge to contemporary techniques, including neuroscience to improve your well-being.

Tame your stress
in 5 videos

Discover 5 free videos to naturally strengthen the 5 pillars essential to your health and vitality with natural, accessible and effective life principles and tools, which allow you a real and lasting life transformation.

The meeting of the week

Receive simple but not simplistic advice straight to your inbox every week . Remember:

Without Health, we are sick,
without Vitality we are exhausted
and without Love (for ourselves and others),
we feel worthless! Take care of the “after-sales service” of your life!

Living and aging in full “Health – Vitality – Love” is possible and it can be learned!

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