Our method

Your practice is like a seed planted that you water.

In our world of constant demands, we suffer more and more from chronic fatigue and burn-out. In an increasingly technologically connected society, we are increasingly disconnected from ourselves and suffer from a loss of meaning.

1. Tame your stress

Stress has never been so acute, permanent and multifactorial since the beginning of human history.
As a result, most people are stressed, anxious and chronically tired and can no longer adapt to their environment.
We are often unable to manage our stresses and we repress them internally.

What do an accident, illness, loss of a loved one and physical assault or harassment have in common?

All these stresses have the same physical expression, that is to say a discharge of stress hormones by the adrenals. We therefore cannot ignore the physical part of stress in the solution we provide.

The main problem you suffer from is not knowing how to release the stress you accumulate in your body.

Taking care of yourself begins by taming your stress, that is to say by learning to relieve it and use it wisely on a daily basis. Otherwise any attempt to take care of yourself results in taking one step forward (through your well-being practice) then two steps back when the next stress arrives!

Your practice is like a seed that you plant.

It is necessary to water it every day and protect it from any external aggression (negativities, doubts) until it becomes a beautiful tree under which you can protect yourself and those you love.

2. Master the keys to vitality:
the 5 pillars of lif

Many of us have poor quality sleep and wake up tired most of the time. Through ignorance, we do not respect our sleep cycles. We eat too much processed food and have insufficient physical activity without being aware of it.
We spend days under artificial lights and find ourselves completely disconnected from nature and its rhythms.

Throughout human history and across all cultures, health and vitality have always been supported by the same 5 pillars of life.

Pillar 1: Rhythms of Life

In nature, everything has a cycle and a rhythm. It is the same for us. Lack of sleep directly impacts the quality of your life. Our internal clock is tuned to the circadian and ultradian rhythm and it is vital to pay attention to it and take care of it.

Pillar 2: Nutrition

Nutrition is not only the food we ingest but also how we nourish each of our senses. It concerns the images we look at, what we hear and think, what we feel, touch and perceive.

Pillar 3: Movement

Movement is life.

Your movements and postures significantly affect how you interact with the world as well as how you feel in your body.

Pillar 4: Breathing

Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and we use it more than 20,000 times a day. However, the majority of people do not breathe correctly! Learning to use your breathing as a tool to relieve stress, re-energize and relax is fundamental to living better.

Pillar 5: State of mind/mindset

You have over 60,000 thoughts per day, 80% of which are negative thoughts and they repeat themselves 95% of the time from day to day.
Is there any reason to ask questions? The quality of your life essentially depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself.
Having the ability to control your own attention and being aware of the present moment will enhance any experience you have. Being fully alive is exactly that.

The problem is that, most often, you focus on one or the other of the pillars, especially when you have health concerns. As long as you do this, you neglect the other pillars.

The whole is stronger than the whole of the parts.

You can't avoid forgetting any of these pillars for too long. It is essential to take care of each of these 5 pillars simultaneously in order to achieve a happy and fulfilled life overall.

This method will guide you step by step through the principles that govern these 5 pillars of life, in order to take care of them every day.

You will be able to unload and tame your stress naturally to regain health, vitality and love in order to take full advantage of what life has to offer you: parenthood, love life, intellectual or emotional life, career, sport, hobbies, spiritual life, etc.

Life is a game, a game has rules.
By knowing the rules and principles of the game it is much easier to live, because life is practiced.

LifeForce teaches you the fundamental principles that govern a healthy and happy life, so that you integrate them into your daily life in a simple and concrete way. Thanks to LifeForce you learn to take care of and nourish each of these pillars through natural, simple and essential tools.

Health, vitality and love of oneself and others are just one way to be energized to realize your life dreams!

3. Build and realize your life dreams

Curing your illness is not a life project!

If you don't know where you are going, you will drift your whole life.
Success in life works like a GPS. All you have to do is decide where you want to go by clarifying your vision, then mark your destination. Your internal GPS, when you have defined a clear vision, will help you go from where you are in life to where you want to go and the person you want to become...
Fulfillment and self-realization happen when your life goals and projects, your values ​​and your actions are congruent.

Most people never take the time to dream about their future.
What would be your paradise on earth and how will you build it?

It's an incredible gift to give yourself time to dream about what your life could be, to get in touch with your inspiration, and to talk about what you want and what's holding you back. Filling your days with actions consistent with your most important values ​​is the solution to having an inspired and fulfilled life.
Would you like us to help you regenerate your vitality and health? To build your personal vision? And that we support you in developing the best version of yourself?

With LifeForce, you are not purchasing a program or method, but you are inspired to invest in your future.

Our approach

We provide you with natural, accessible and effective life tools. The goal is to teach you how to recharge your batteries naturally for real and lasting life transformation.

“Living in Health, being in Energy and being in Love for oneself and for others, this can be learned. »

1. A transdisciplinary method

Our trans-disciplinary approach extracts and synthesizes the best tools for regenerating the body and mind. Our tools are simple, natural and pragmatic, to allow you to fully restore your health and vitality.

This methodology is based on universal principles and has already helped a large number of people of all ages and from all cultural and social backgrounds.

To make it easier for you to adopt this method, integrate life changes and your new virtuous habits, we have combined ancestral knowledge for you with contemporary techniques, as well as neuroscience and integrative pedagogy.

You will find the fundamental principles of a happy,
stress-free life and at your full potential.

2. An integrative method

Knowledge is knowledge passed through the filter of experimentation.

There is a difference between knowing what to do and doing it!
LifeForce does not reduce its teaching to a dogma, it is a proposal to live teaching through the force of experimentation. You remain your own master and choose the practices that are right for you, where you are.

We have a head to make sense, a heart to welcome and a body to integrate.

You can turn your problem around in every direction, but it doesn't get any better. Except through the body, it will be much simpler to welcome with the heart and then to understand with the head. The reverse path is much longer and more complicated. To have lasting change in your life, it is essential to align these three centers.

If a person is “drowning” in their own life, many “classic” aid programs function as a lifeline, during the seminar or stay. LifeForce will not give you a buoy but teaches you how to swim, that's our specialty.

Once the principles are integrated, you will enjoy lasting benefits thanks to the new actions and healthy habits you have developed. So you will have the keys to reconnect with your inner power and your inner being to live a fulfilled life.

It is your responsibility to swim a little every day and keep your head above water to navigate the waves of life independently towards your life projects and dreams.

3. A fun method

Life is practiced. The pleasure of practice is the key!

Play is THE mode of learning that nature has selected for all species. LifeForce teaches through fun exercises involving the whole being: heart, body and mind.

Life sown in itself, life brings joy!

Your experience

Self-knowledge includes well-being. Whereas well-being does not necessarily include a path to self-knowledge.

A journey in 7 steps

Filling your days with actions consistent with your most important values ​​is the solution to having an inspired and fulfilled life.

Our engagement

Embody what we share with you.


Simple but not simplistic practical exercises, easy to understand and integrate into your life.


Transmit you the entirely natural keys (not linked to technology) to allow you to be autonomous in your personal practice and develop your capacity for self-regulation.


Quality theoretical and experiential teaching for better assimilation leading to real and lasting transformation.


Respect for each individual, their beliefs and their own limits, in complete confidentiality.


It is above all a progressive and adaptable transmission process which considers each person individually, whatever their starting level. This process offers steps that allow anyone who wishes to progress and integrate the tools.

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