Our history

What gives meaning to my life and values ​​to my actions…

We believe that people are the catalysts for change within organizations, their families and the world.

My journey

Travel and meditation

Traveling solo around the world at age 24 for a year and a half was certainly a pivotal transformative experience.
Getting out of my comfort zone as a therapist in France, learning new values, opening up to others differently and adapting quickly to changing environments without necessarily having the necessary cultural background... All this gave me access to a new world .
By expanding my physical boundaries, I learned to know myself differently and better.

Meditation: A natural search for spirituality appeared in my life and my true inner journey began when I encountered meditation. I had tried several types of meditation and mindfulness practice before encountering Vipassana meditation in India in 2006. This practice, and my first ten-day noble silence retreat (which would be followed by many others) had and continues to have a great impact on my life).

Being alone with your breath and bodily sensations for ten days was probably, at the time, the most difficult and beautiful thing I had ever done. You face your truths, your wounds and learn to understand yourself a little more and in a different way.

Martial arts and fasting

Martial arts: Living our full potential and developing all our abilities as a Man has always resonated with me. My research, through the practices of natural movement and awareness, naturally led me to martial arts; first of all as a complementary means of understanding violence, both present in us and around us. I found exciting keys to better managing and dissipating anger, fear and toxic people in our environment. This led me to practice martial arts daily for over fifteen years. I progressed to black belt in Shotokan Karate, and trained as a Systema (Russian martial art) instructor.

Fasting: My first week-long fast, several years ago, was also a transformative event in my life. Feeling and experiencing this regenerative and restorative energy in my body was incredible and shattered many preconceived notions I had about nutrition and diet. I was still able, like my other “fasting comrades”, to do a twenty-kilometer hike in the mountains on the seventh day on an empty stomach! Experiencing this neuro-hormonal rest changed my paradigm... I continued my research to better understand the physiology behind fasting. This led me to study and practice Toumo or yoga and cold management. It symbolized my worst fear: the cold. This physical thermoregulation is little practiced in our Western societies based on comfort. I followed the teachings of Maurice Daubard and Wim Hof ​​(aka The Iceman) who brought astonishing discoveries on rejuvenation, regeneration and the benefits of cold on the immune system.

The LifeForce project

The birth of the project

After spending 20 years working as a healthcare professional and traveling around the world, David has had the chance to discover and explore many tools for optimizing his health and personal development. Overwhelmed by all these encounters and practices that literally shaped him, he wanted to share what he had had and still has: the privilege of living and learning.

All this naturally led him to create Life Force, where his professional experience, his personal and inner journey, his years of travel and research around the world and his life values ​​combine harmoniously.
Contributing to creating a better world through sharing these universal principles gives meaning to one's life and value to one's actions.

My wish for LifeForce

My intention for LifeForce is to continue to share in an accessible and simple way the fundamentals we need in life and to show everyone easy and practical tools to live a fulfilling life filled with Health, Vitality and Love.

The important thing for LifeForce is not that one person takes 100 steps, but that 100 people take the first step.

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