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Below you will find the different training courses offered by LifeForce, click directly on them to discover in detail the programs and subjects that will be highlighted.

The transformative power
of Breathing

Strengthen your body, mind and immunity with breathing control. 130 videos (9h30 of content) organized into 9 modules to correct and optimize your breathing

459,00€ 259,00€

Learn to Meditate
and Meditative Journeys

Learn to meditate effectively and simply (6.5 hours of content and 38 videos)
+ 15 powerful meditative journeys to heal and strengthen certain aspects of your life.

359,00€ 199,00€

LifeForce Ascension training
(6 days on video + online support)

Experience this transformation from home. You have the opportunity to do this powerful and transformative internship at your own pace from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

949,00€ 799,00€

The foundations
The 5 pillars method

Discover the key principles that govern your health to take care of it every day.
Pillar by pillar, you will learn to balance the foundations of your health and regain your vitality.


and preserving your sleep

Find an unsuspected quality of life by resynchronizing your biological clock. You will learn the essential keys, based on each of your 5 pillars of life, to regain and preserve your sleep.


your immunity
with hormesis

Discover many keys and practical exercises to strengthen yourself mentally and physically thanks to the law of hormesis. At the heart of the LifeForce method, you will learn to strengthen your immunity, your body and your mind.


5 Tibetans

Comment établir une vraie petite routine santé pour passer vos journées en pleine forme ! 5 rites de jouvence puissants et ajustés pour tous par un Ostéopathe / Kinésithérapeute pour être en Énergie et en Santé.

89,00€ 49,00€

Morning Routine

Apprenez à commencer votre journée avec vous et pour vous. Vous vous accordez de l’importance de bon matin en prenant soin de vous pour vous. Vous ancrez une habitude de vie vertueuse pour être en santé et en vitalité à travers des pratiques simples et puissantes.

149,00€ 79,00€

and transform
your stres

Partner training

Many partners support our work and we are very proud to have created, with Vivovojo/Bebooda, comprehensive training on stress management for their community.

You can find the program of this training directly by clicking on the link below


Better experience confinement

Health crisis, confinement, curfew, masks, represent a huge source of stress. This training of 3 modules of two hours each gives you the keys to taming the stress due to this exceptional situation, to calming your body and your mind.

59,00€ 29,00€

Order the book
(Re)Vivre in addition to your training

You will learn how to tame your stress and optimize your vitality with a simple and natural method: that of the five pillars that structure our lives: nutrition, sleep, movement, breathing and state of mind.

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