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Level 1

Integrate pedagogy and processes in order to transmit the tools and principles of life put forward by LifeForce.

They became Level 1 LifeForce coach-facilitators


School teacher, trained in alternative pedagogies

Having been a teacher for 13 years, trained in alternative pedagogies, I was able to understand many concepts about the fundamental needs of children and how they function; and yet, it is only after the intensity of this week experienced that I can observe that this theory gleaned from my previous training has taken on its full meaning, is anchored and fully embodied. The strength of David's transmission supported by the group dynamic resonated deeply within me and allows me to further improve my approach with children; also allows me to experience in more depth the principles allowing them to develop their full potential. David shares all the “off” of group management, extremely in-depth experience and knowledge.

He is an excellent teacher and didactician.

The power of this week of training transformed my outlook on life.

I can only have immense gratitude for all the LIFE teaching that I have received and that I will in turn be able to spread with who I am.


Anne Balthazar

Communication and cooperation trainer –

Postural stretching teacher

I discovered Life Force through David's first book. I was immediately attracted by this transversal approach to regeneration which provides simple and concrete solutions to the scourges of our modern lives: stress, fatigue and exhaustion, chronic illnesses, burn out. I wanted to live the experience and from the first internship, I immediately asked what the path was to becoming a Life Force coach. The path is first to integrate this into your life, on a daily basis.

When David launched the first Coach Training session, he brought together people like me, who had started practicing, returned to training to consolidate their practices and deepen, in order to experience what it brings and who wanted to share their experience.

This week of training was rich and intense. David shared with us everything that goes into the back office of the internships. Which makes a Life Force course unlike any other well-being or personal development course. He shares his teaching with us with his great generosity, revealing all the secrets of the Life Force coach posture. Every day, he puts us in a concrete coaching situation and the debriefings allow us to gradually anchor the principles of teaching. The group is radically sincere, which supports everyone's progress and creates deep bonds in the coaching community. We continue to move forward together, supporting each other's experiences, with supervision every month to progress together in our activities. A fantastic and engaging path, for oneself and for all, in the service of life!

Charlie Roche

School teacher in Germany

“How lucky I was to participate in the “level 1 coach/facilitator” training course.

This training will have profoundly revolutionized my professional practice: I will never teach in the same way again.

The density and quality of educational resources is impressive. I wish I had learned all this during my studies! Everything is designed to ensure that the transmission is as good as possible, nothing is left to chance. The great care given to the participants allows them to be in the best possible learning conditions. Since I did this training, I make sure to have a lot more visual and physical contact with my students, which completely changes the climate of the class. I have also learned to deal with occasional moments of stress and I therefore manage them much better.

I am much better able to understand and manage the energy of my group, which significantly increases the efficiency and well-being of my students. Also, I now take the time to evaluate my inner sensations, my stress level, the quality of my breathing... and I know how to “bio-hack” myself to be in the best possible condition for my students.

Likewise, I now focus on helping my students develop the best possible “Mindset”. Finally, the planning upstream of my sessions is greatly improved because I implement new characteristics such as: having a high point, anticipating the energetic state towards which I want my students to evolve (high energy state / energetic state centered), have breathing pauses… As after each LifeForce internship that I have completed (4 for the moment), my personal and professional life is profoundly changed. I feel a great sense of jubilation in this evolution which allows me to see the future, on my scale, more and more clearly, knowing where I want to go.

I feel immense gratitude to you David. Thank you from the heart !

COACH / FACILITATOR Training Level 1 LifeForce

LifeForce has been in existence for 6 years and several thousand people have been supported through our 2-day ReBirth, 6-day Ascension courses, our workshops, our video training, the ReVivre book and my weekly lives on YouTube and Facebook.

I am very proud of the progress made and the thousands of magnificent feedback received from all these people who have rediscovered or deepened the connection to themselves, to their environment and to Nature.

Life today offers us the chance to surf a giant and chaotic wave with its share of fear and uncertainties. It is NOW that those around us, our families, our colleagues, our friends, our neighbors need concrete, simple (but not simplistic 😜 ) and effective tools.

Without this (and you know it well), without a LIFE practice, it is difficult to keep your head above water (especially at the moment) and to continue swimming through the waves to get to the person you we wish to become.

For now, the transmission of the LifeForce method rests mainly on me David, and it is now time for this to evolve so that more of us can transmit LifeForce knowledge 🤗 . Furthermore, I don't know how the situation will evolve, particularly with regard to border crossings. In addition, it is important for me, if I were no longer able to give courses, that other trusted people from the LifeForce community, other coaches that I have chosen and trained can transmit the foundations and the key tools of the method!

I really had the desire at the beginning of 2022 to form a first group of LifeForciens friends and to no longer wait for everything to be perfect to create a coaching school which would have taken another 2 years to set up... I sincerely think that it It is urgent, in the changing and challenging times that we are currently going through, to disseminate this LifeForce LIFE AND SURVIVAL KIT now in order to increase our vibrations and soothe this heavy egregore (morphic field) which weighs around us🙏

Two magnificent groups with a total of around twenty level 1 coach-facilitators were formed in 2022. It was a great success and very rich training on all levels.

A 3rd group is opening to become level 1 facilitator coach in early 2024. Send me a message at if you are interested in joining the adventure.


1) Be a LifeForce ambassador, meaning having completed at least one 2-day ReBirth and 6-day Ascension course with us.

2) Want to transmit the LifeForce method in a fair and optimal way to those around you, or to your family, friends, colleagues.

3) Commit to transmitting the LifeForce method in the form of at least a 1.5 hour group workshop at least 3 times a year, without mixing it with other practices or methods!

It is important for me to train fellow LifeForcians that I know (LifeForce Ambassadors) to become level 1 coaches and facilitators.

Of course all the educational principles and the subtle and powerful transmission experience that you will acquire will serve you in your profession and your personal life.

I hope that future coach-facilitators, for whom it makes sense to share the principles of life seen in LifeForce workshops, commit to only teaching the LifeForce method in their LifeForce workshops.

I don't want the people I train to mix my tools with other practices that could confuse people and distort the method!

If you already have other well-established practices, there is no problem. I will just ask you to dissociate the LifeForce workshops from other workshops that you can give.

4) Have the human and heart qualities necessary to represent LifeForce. As you know, LifeForce is above all, and above all, a story of HEART 😘 . There will be a moral charter to honor for future coach-facilitators. However, this charter will in no way impose a certain level in this or that pillar... but just to commit, for each coach, to being in a process of constant progression throughout their life path. Whether you are not able to do the crocodile, whether you struggle with certain aspects of physiology, whether the archetypal squat is not yet comfortable, whether you do not yet meditate regularly, or whether you still have eating compulsions... All this is not the most important thing!

The main thing is that you make the necessary little efforts (step by step) every day and that you move forward, at your own pace, on a path of HEALTH, VITALITY and LOVE towards you 🤗 . It is this CONGRUENCE that the people around you who will come to you are looking for! These people will identify with you much more easily. As the saying goes, “you don't have to be old yourself to take care of elderly people”.

5) No specific level in physiology required for level 1. The idea of ​​this level 1 is to invite people to practice with you. You already know and are convinced that our practices to tame your stress, nourish the 5 pillars of health and vitality, the 4 gateways to hormesis and the practices to clarify your values, life projects/dreams and bringing out your reason for being does you good!

This is enough to invite people to take advantage of your experience to practice with you and share what makes sense to you . This is also one of the steps seen in training to defuse a certain imposter syndrome 😉

and 6) In 2024 there will also be a level 2 coaches-facilitators course organized with a requirement in physiology and a final test!

An exam will be taken at the end of the 6-day in-person training week and your level of effort on each aspect of the method will be considered.

It's not your physical or psycho-emotional level that matters to me. These are the efforts that you have put in place since we have known each other to progress in all these aspects towards the person you want to be! This is the only thing I value.

The physiology course material will be taken from the ReVivre book.

Level 2 will give greater autonomy in the organization of courses / workshops and the opportunity to organize 2-day ReNaissance courses for only 2 facilitator coaches


1490€ (excluding full board),

6 days in person

+ group ZOOM monitoring and supervision

for 6 months .


1) After the week of face-to-face training: Facilitate and lead LifeForce discovery workshops lasting 1 hour to 1 day for the first 6 months.

2) After 6 months of training (face-to-face + distance learning) and having led at least 6 group workshops (with a minimum of 3 people): Possibility of co-facilitating a ReBirth training course independently with 2 other level 1 facilitator coaches (up to 'to 20 people)

At the end of this training, you will have acquired the pedagogy in order to transmit the tools and principles of life put forward by LifeForce.

You will integrate the whole method more deeply and deepen your knowledge of hormesis and homeostasis.

You will understand the entire LifeForce pedagogy, that is to say the “Why?” ", the what ? », the “When?” » and the “How?” » teach (which means show) to a group of 2 to 20 people to be able to lead LifeForce workshops lasting one to several hours independently.

You can lead LifeForce workshops in your region whenever you want or even open a LifeForce group near you to lead weekly sessions to encourage members to practice stress management exercises and master the keys to the 5 pillars of life in full awareness and, finally, to nourish their dreams and life projects 👏 .

As mentioned above, we will follow up together on Zoom regularly so that I can support you remotely on any issues that may arise with your different groups.

With all my love, David

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Next 6-day in-person course from February 17 to February 23, 2024 (February school holidays) in Lubéron near Aix en Provence.

PRICE: € 1,490 (excluding full board) = 6 days residential + group ZOOM monitoring and supervision for 6 months

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